Posted on We Love Soaps TV on Sunday, March 11, 2012.

WE LOVE SOAPS TV recently attended an industry screening of a new film from THE BAY’s Gregori J. Martin (LANY Entertainment in association with New Universe Pictures), The Southside, based on a true story.

Robert Areizaga Jr. was born and raised in Yonkers, NY. After struggling through a series of trials and tribulations commonly faced by urban youth, Robert realized he needed to change his life and decided to take the Yonkers Civil Service Police Exam. Shortly after he learned he had passed the exam, 19-year-old Robert was brutally stabbed to death at a house party in White Plains, NY. A life filled with promise was cut short, and over a year after his murder, no conviction has been made.

An emotional Martin, first cousin to Areizaga Jr., revealed to Damon L. Jacobs the details of how the film came to be on the red carpet.

In addition to Martin, other cast and crew featured in this episode include Kristos Andrews (THE BAY), Derrell Whitt (THE BAY), Anthony Aquilino, Dalia Davi, Fiona Hutchison (GUIDING LIGHT; ONE LIFE TO LIVE), Bronson Picket (AS THE WORLD TURNS; ANOTHER WORLD), Ellen Dolan (EMPIRE; AS THE WORLD TURNS), Dante Aleksander and Cuban Link.


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