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THE SOUTHSIDE:  from LANY Entertainment available on AMAZON.

Based on a true story, Robert Areizaga Jr., (Kristos Andrews, multiple Emmy® Award-winning actor THE BAY), is a good kid caught up on the wrong side of the tracks in Yonkers, New York. Determined to make a better life for himself, Robert struggles through a series of trials and tribulations that take him dangerously close to the edge. Always struggling to get ahead, Robert isn’t ready to give up the party life with his ‘goons’ just yet. Lured by the prospect of quick cash, Robert takes a foolish chance with the law, a decision that costs him nearly everything. Unwilling to lead a dead-end life on the streets, Robert decides to take the Yonkers police exam. When his life takes a positive turn, Robert attends a house party unaware that members of a brutal gang would also be there. When the night quickly turns into a nightmare, the lives of everyone are changed forever.

Best described as an urban and modern day “The Outsiders” meets critically acclaimed “Good Will Hunting”, THE SOUTHSIDE follows the true story of Robert’s journey to turn his life around and become a Yonkers police officer five months before his tragic death.

THE SOUTHSIDE is written and directed by multiple Emmy® Award-winning producer Gregori J. Martin (THE BAY / RAVEN). The film stars multiple Emmy® Award-winning actor Kristos Andrews (Star of  the multiple Emmy® Award-winning digital drama series THE BAY, X Games Skateboarding Champion, and Guinness World Record Holder), Douglas Santiago (Star of The Green/Renzi and Independent Film Channel’s blockbuster hit GIRLFIGHT), Hip-Hop sensation of the early part of the millennium, Cuban Link, and featuring the late Puerto Rican film and TV icon Miriam Colon, best remembered for her role as “Mama Montana” in the Universal Pictures motion picture SCARFACE.

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